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Dear clients!
Dear colleagues and business partners!

Due to current events, the law firm Mag. Matthias Trauner announces, that they - also and especially - will continue to be at your side reliably in these challenging times.

We request priority contact by email or telephone and are also available - subject to the application of the necessary protective measures - for consultations in our offices and, if necessary, for video conferences. for consultations in our offices and, if necessary, for video conferences. ( see e.g. link).

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areas of expertise

Mag. Matthias Trauner has - with a focus on construction and procurement law - many years of experience and special knowledge in the following areas of law:

Building Law

Advice and representation before, during and after the construction phase; Operation or defense against claims, especially in the areas

  • Bauvertragsrecht,
  • Work and additional costs,
  • Tree fishing and preservation of evidence,
  • Warranty and damages
    such as
  • Administrative Criminal Law for Construction Employers
    (Aliens Employment Act, Wage and Social Dumping Control Act).

Public Procurement

Advice and representation before and after expiry of the offer period, especially on bidders' side in the areas

  • Examination of tender documents,
  • Out-of-court enforcement of changes prior to the initiation of a review procedure,
  • Examination of separation decisions,
  • Consideration of award decisions as well
  • Representation before administrative courts (review and appraisal proceedings) and before the Administrative Court.

General Civil Law

  • Advice and representation in general civil law, in particular
  • Damages (eg medical liability, traffic accident),
  • Tenancy law (eg rental examination and reduction, rental and eviction proceedings),
  • Real estate law (eg examination and construction of condominium contracts and offers including brokerage contract, representation in owner meetings,
  • Travel rights (passenger rights, etc.),
    such as
  • Representation for out-of-court settlement and
  • Representation in civil proceedings on plaintiff and defendant side.

Expert opinions

  • Examination of the admissibility of procurement regulations (type of procedure, etc.),
  • Presentation of decision-making principles in the context of project preparation, eg presentation of national standards (eg building law provisions of the federal states) including administrative practice and case law)

Administrative and Administrative Criminal Law

  • Advice and representation especially in construction and operating permit procedures (applicant and involved party eg neighbor)
  • Administrative criminal law for employers in the construction industry (Aliens Employment Act, Wage and Social Dumping Control Act)
  • Administrative penalties (traffic offenses including driving license withdrawal proceedings)
  • School law (especially exclusion from lessons)

RA Mag. Trauner advises, represents and accompanies you in all legal matters.

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Mag. Matthias Trauner advises, represents and accompanies in all legal matters, in particular in the field of procurement and construction law. Lawyer Mag. Matthias Trauner provides his services incl. Initial consultation - unless expressly excluded in writing or separately agreed - to the Muster Contract Conditions for lawyers